By Alexandra Seemungal


Is not something I am used to.


It is something I have endured.

My body shakes


As it fights its battle

War inside me

Of which I am almost


I send my reinforcements

Ibuprofen, vitamin C

The soldiers inside me

Put on their armor.

Outside attackers

Now inside the castle.

They take my strength

My energy

My will

I collapse

My soldiers battle on.

Slowly they win back

The ground they lost.

I enter the silence

Smoke rising from the ashes

In a torn battlefield.

I can breathe again

Sickness runs off my body

In cold streams of sweat.


My body urges me


I lost that battle

Before I even knew

This was a war.

Reinforce the castle walls

Build up a fortress

Stronger, higher


Bar the castle walls

My soldiers retreat

I run this kingdom

Our flag of victory

Flies from the highest tower

Never can the same attacker

Attack again

Energy replenishes

Color returns

Blood courses


No more pain

Only scars

A battle well fought

The war between

The highest and lowest

Beings of nature

Equally as powerful

A battle won

I have prevailed