A REcollection of anger: smash brothers fury

By Rick Bauccio

Oh, the ridiculous heights I have taken

To attempt to surpass you.        



Gleaming with senseless positivity,




How do you do it?


With ease, you were confident to meet your next challenge

Even if it was monstrously larger than you were.

How could a novice accomplish so easily

What I had struggled my whole experience as a player to achieve?


You emerged champion on your first attempt, & I had become this pompous witness.


I too was crowned champion just a semester ago, but to no avail.

Your power has still exceeded mine, even beyond my laconic reign.

I believed it was our friends, and the ambition to bring them pride

That spurred you on

Beyond your own limits.


I found myself with the same friends and strived for such pride,

But my power hadn’t increased at all.

It flatlined.


I fought for the pure pleasure of it, for the thrill of the brawl!

Oh I had unmeasurable strength, I spared no one!

Yet you showed mercy to everyone

Even your fiercest opponents

Even me!


Watching with angst as Captain Falcon tumbles inevitably

Below the fatal blast-zone lines of the map.

A smirk takes frame upon Sal’s face while

A grimace of rage encapsulates my own.


This flashback infuriates me to ponder upon.


Perhaps it is my anger that has made me blind to the truth for this long,

I see it now.

This day has made it all too clear.

You win, Sal. You’re the best.


…for now.