Souhimbou Doh Kone

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Souhimbou (Ebu) Doh Kone aka “Sarrum (King) Swavey” is an aspiring all round performer from Abidjan, Ivory Coast, West Africa. He has grown a passion for the arts during his younger years and following the footsteps of his father and brother whom are both artists as well. Now, he is a hip hop artist specialized in '' Renaissance Hip Hop'' which is all about bring a new Golden Age in Hip Hop. He is also an actor mostly known for his work in the Identity Project which he co-wrote and starred in both at Capital Repertory Theater and Albany High School as part of the annual Promising Playwrights Festival. This year on top of theREP! Summer Young Acting Company. The film which upon success and funding may turned into a sequel will air this summer 2015 on a lot of media platform. Ebu has studied theatre and acting under the magnificent Ward Dales and Tim Deenihan at CapREP. In fact, Sarrum Swavey attends the Albany College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences for a Doctorate in Pharmacy. He also an extreme athlete involved in soccer, basketball, football, tennis, track and field, martial arts tricking, parkour/free running, gymnastics and SMA (Swavey Martial Arts). With an ease with languages such Bambara, French, English, Spanish, a bit of Sumerian and Arabic; Ebu is a very social as a person. He aspires to do great things and spark meaningful changes in this world.

Published Works