to mimicry

By Elena Pollack

Do you ever wonder?

Why you always say

I’m not ready yet dear

You’re always ready

With bed head and (5)

Morning breath galore

Your smile shines and

Your eyes glow bright

And still you say

I’m not ready yet dear (10)

First it’s the clothes

The sweaters and jeans and shoes

The right colors

The right designs

Just like in the magazines (15)

You look beautiful

Wonderful, ready to go

Yet still you say

I’m not ready yet dear

Next is the hair (20)

Done up or down

Brushed and curled

And straightened again

In go the clips 

Wait, double check (25)

You’re beautiful

Wonderful, ready to go

Again you say to me

I’m not ready please

Give me a moment (30)

Lastly it’s the make up

The thick liquid that covers your face

The colors that mar your skin tone

The lipstick that hides your smile

You smile into the mirror (35)

Happy with what you see

Clothes that others look good in

Hair that others approve of

Face the way others want it

You smell like the perfumes (40)

All of your friends wear

No longer the smell of you

The fragrance I love

You skin, once smooth

Is now oily and fake (45)

No longer there

For my caress

Your lips taste like oil

And colors, not you

Never you (50)

You look like that girl

The one in the magazine

Skinny and she loves it

Fake and she loves it 

Where did you go? (55)

Are you really here now?

You look like them

Dress like them

You are them

No longer the girl I know (60)

But one made to fit in

To be just like everyone else

You say you’re ready to go now

You’re not ready anymore (64)