for john darnielle

By Cole Mileaf  

Saw your face again in a photo from the past.

That was four years ago and it would never last.

Some sort of spell that you must have cast

What a rain drenched Summer. 

You loved dancing in clubs, I was deep into the blues.

You were always smiling, even with bad news.

I guess I helped you but we don’t talk anymore

What a bittersweet feeling.

You made me  


the man I am today

if that’s something you regret


When you were gone, I didn’t think much.

Tried to make an effort but never kept in touch.

I thought you liked me but it was all a front

Quite a poor decision

Tell me please

What’s your motivation?

To fake a love like this.

If you were trying to aim for the bullseye babe

the arrow missed

the arrow missed.

Left me empty handed 

as I’d been left before 

but empty hands have room

to do more.