By Daquan Boykin

The score was tied at 67 with only 13 seconds left in the last quarter, fans at the edge of their

seat, half hoping the team didn't score and half hoping that their team gets the winning basket.

They run down the court, pass, pivot, another pass, crossover, layup. It hits the rim and misses

but luckily they catch the rebound, pass, two steps, jump, cock back, two handed dunk! He and

she stand and clap in unison screaming, their team had won. They make eye contact, smile,

neither of them had noticed each other’s presence while the game was going on, they were too

into the action but that small moment of eye contact meant something. He decided to start a

conversation, which was quite easy since they had some things in common already.

He knew this was his shot, a girl who likes basketball just like him, that he can catch the 8:00

lakers game with and eat pizza then work out to lose the weight they gained. She knew this was

her shot, a guy she could count on to be there with her, to hold he on those lonely midnights

where sadness takes over.

He thought it would just be he and she, together, alone living their private relationship. She

thought he would like the big crowds and would enjoy hanging around those outspoken,

self­proclaimed comedians she called her squad.

On friday night, you would catch him in his room, his galaxy s6 connected to his wireless

speakers, blasting Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West while trying to concentrate on

playing NBA 2k16, purposefully ignoring his father’s calls from downstairs, his phone on do not

disturb. On the other hand, she would be walking into someone’s basement party, a skin tight

dress on, 4 inch heels, her posse of five following close behind, she can hardly hear anything but

the loud music but this is her environment and she likes to have fun.

The score was tied 102 with 10 seconds left in the last quarter, he lays in his bed eyes glued to

the screen. She sits at the library watching the final seconds on her laptop. Dribble dribble, aim,

shoot, 3 points. He jumps out his bed and screams and remembers her. She smiles and

remembers him.

She picks up her phone, goes to text him, but looks at the last conversation she had with him

from a week ago, “Fuck you, you never want to do what I like” and his reply, “You spend most

of your time with your friends or complaining that I’m boring” and her response, “Well maybe

this is why we never gonna work” and the smile disappears as she remembers the weeks they

spent arguing and fighting about their differences. The days trying to make things work, but in

the end feeling it was never worth it.. They were two polar opposites, making each other

miserable, trying to make each other happy.That one similarity, was not enough to drive them

back together, their cars were totaled and the busline didn’t run, it was too late.

They soon started to realize that they need more than a similarity yo make a relationship be

complete. A relationship is something that you have to be ready for, something that you both

want so much that you will sacrifice what you like to make your significant other as happy as

possible, In a relationship you have to be willing to try new things and change yourself. In a

relationship you have to build a bond stronger than a polar covalent bond. A bond that will not

be broken. A bond held together by good memories, thoughts. A bond called love. To make that

bond, takes strength, sacrifice and patience.

He learned his lesson, he will not rush into anything assuming that it will be exactly what he has

in mind. She learned her lesson, she will not rush into a relationship do quickly. He did the thing

a man should do and apologized. She did the thing a woman with sympathy would do and asked

to start over.

She knew he liked basketball, so instead of going out every weekend, she spent some weekends

with him, watching Kobe Bryant and the Lakers overcome yet another team, while they cheered

the team on and laughed and talked and ate each other’s pepperoni off the Little Caesar's pizza

they picked up. He knew she needed someone to talk to, so instead of spending five hours a day

tapping the buttons on his playstation controller, he took the time to ask her about her day, about

her problems, gave her someone to vent to and gave her advice on those situations, while he held

her on the sofa explaining how things will get better.

She found out he was not into the big crowds and he just wanted to spend most of their time

between them, so instead of inviting all of her friends with them to the mall, she went with him

alone and they had a better time, since he wasn’t being interrogated or interrupted by her friends.

But he also opened up to having her friends around once in awhile, knowing they made her


On Friday night, you would find them at his house in his living room together, either intensely

playing the game while listening to a mix of rap and rhythm and blues or maybe downtown at a

party she invited him to, they would dance together, and he actually made the realization that

going to a party with someone he liked was more fun than not.

He became a person she could go to for advice about any situation. She became a person he

trusted with his most personal secrets. They became the best of friends and after months of being

together, they realized they were compatible. They just went too fast the first time but this time

they took it slow. They learned everything about one another and spent so much time with one

another that they developed love. They were happy together, thinking of each other every second

of the day, dreading being away from one another for too long, they did everything they could

together because now they were really together, for more than one reason.

Patience and Sacrifice was the treaty that ended the war of “Me and You vs. Us. Strength is what

built them back up. And Love is what will keep them from ending.