things fall apart

By Kendra Baxter


The family would gather around the wooden dining table for dinner every night.

Smiles and laughter are shared with mac n cheese, spaghetti, and meatballs.

Everything was just right.

Things fall apart.

Children tucked in their beds and kissed on their foreheads.

Room lights go out as their parents wish them goodnight.

Their lives were bright, no darkness in sight.

Things fall apart.

The economy took a hit and accelerated downhill.

Dad got laid off because he no longer fit the bill.

Prices began to rise and their income began to fall.

Things fall apart.

Children watched in fear

as raging voices echoed throughout the house.

“How will we pay the bills? What about the kids?”

Things fall apart.

Marriage now broken and house no longer a home,

the wooden dining table remains

empty, barren, silent, and alone.