By Naomi McPeters

These words eventually will transform themselves

Out of silence

Out of fear

Where to find what I’m looking to say

When the great black      gaping      hole

Steals language away


What have we to do with fear?

What has fear to do with us?

Look inside and see the ashes covering our souls

Do we not know

The hatred that spews forth from our mouths

Reflects what we hate most about ourselves

What we fear most about our souls


We fear

Fear that the end will come unprepared for us

We fear that we are dust

Unprepared we fear the silence and the song

We fear what we are saying because it’s not enough to change


Is it?


What are you spiraling into my child

This darkness does not fear itself 

Does not fear its secrets

What has life to do with itself?

Urges to live and die in equal measure

Hope must bear the burden of both

But cannot fully contain either

Equal forces of creation and


I’ve been surrounded lately by talk 

And      spaces     of silence

Encapsulating everything

While it is the secret that is keeping us

And once such a great cloud of witnesses 

Surrounded me

But now    only I    talk of       spaces

And the suppression of voice which silence 


My confession:

This darkness does not fear itself

Crowned as it is in silver



Declaring good everything it destroyed

To make new the Garden of our knowledge and the Tree of Life

I would not fear death 

But God only has mercy on the living.

or its Maker