By Mal McGuiness

I was drowning. 

Water flooded my mouth and ran down my throat like a rushing river, it 

penetrated all my capillaries and filled the hollow spaces inside. It was everywhere, 

inside me, all around me. 

It got in my brain, the thoughts just floated through effortlessly. At first, I 

screamed and flailed my limbs. 

I splashed and kicked my weak legs. I prayed that someone, somewhere 

would hear me. 

And then, 

I stopped splashing. 

The weight of the water in my body carried me down, to the bottom of the 


My skin shriveled up, my eyes became two caves hollowed out in my face, 

and I was consumed by the water. 

Fish tickled my bones and played in my insides, they swam through my brain 

with everything else under the water. 

Gasping for air, I was dying slowly.

 I needed an anchor, a life jacket, just a hand to pull me out of the misery. I

 Waited and waited, 

But nobody came. 

And then, 

As my bones become sand 

As I disintegrate to nothing, 

Here you are, oxygen.