By Gillian Tapawan

She was left alone, abandoned in the rain

She wept on my shoulders, no words, just her pain

As I put my hand on her shoulder, she trembled

Her glass heart shattered, impossible to reassemble

She hid away, protected by the gates of her mind

She was usually keen, never liking to color in the lines

But this side of her was frightened, and ran off stage

As taunting and insulting words locked her up in a cage 

The cage was stronger than diamond and stronger than steel

Her life was a nightmare as she despised all things real

So into her mind, she wandered again

Only accompanied by her books, pencils and pens

She teamed up with the heroes of the stories she read 

Her imagination healed the emotion that bled

As the ink from her pen seeped slowly through each page 

The only thing left was to escape from the cage

The cage was versatile, adjusting to each move

Its words induced pain no medicine could sooth 

It tortured her with the image of her alone in the rain 

But the image of herself was now beautiful in her brain 

The cage shifted, its words like swords pointed at her heart 

But her pen was a shield, guarding her past and her new start

She discovered that for all of this time, she was the key

So she looked in the mirror, turned around, and set herself free