By Alyssa Palladino 

Alyssa Palladino is currently a junior at the University at Albany. She is majoring in English and minoring in journalism and communications. Literature continuously shapes her into becoming a more knowledgeable and thoughtful person and she is beyond grateful for it. Her favorite poem is Nothing Gold Can Stay by Robert Frost. She has always loved writing, and would be delighted to publish novels in the future.

When white Swans fall

from violet Skies

When Caterpillars cannot transform

into the Monarch of Butterflies

When Elephants willingly

relinquish the ivory in their tusks

When Stags no longer

frolic at dusk

When silver Wolves quiver

beneath their Moon

When Owls soar

in Cardinal’s golden afternoon

When the great Lions fall

and fear to be bold

That will be when

I do as I’m told.