I Am a Number

By Kristina Kingsley

I am a number

Masses of flesh mask me

within the black­white horizons

Eyes fleetingly pass

None of us remembered

Where will we all go

and when will I see them again

We pass without names or knowledge

of one another’s tales,

our struggles and joys

The girl on my left smells

of lavender

Her shiny black hair

cascades down her pale face

The boy one row down

tears in his green eyes

He jots down the class notes

and darts away when he’s done

I want to help him

but I do not know how

Somewhere surely I have known him

for his sadness was once mine

We walked for miles, holding hands, telling secrets

louder than our mouths could shout

But never do I speak

and never does he notices me, or lavender girl

On and on we go

without ever living at all