red and blue

By Neiry Fortunato

Red and Blue

If and only if it was easy to write one’s feelings.

If only if they would jump out of the mind

and splatter on the page like paint on the floor,

maybe then red and blue will scatter.

If I could copy and paste my emotions on this page

maybe it will fold itself and tear itself apart,

pick up the pieces and glue themselves and tape themselves

and repeat the process

and even then,

the page won’t know how to express itself and why

it feels, the way it does

If words were more descriptive than “sad” and “confused”

maybe then I could describe myself to you,

on a color scale of one through ten

one being light blue and ten being red

light blue being slightly miserable

and red being very bewildered

and me being on the entire spectrum,

maybe then red and blue will describe myself to you.