D&D Life

By Gwen Bowman

Acid condoms?

Bet that’s not a question you’ve ever asked.

Crazy children playing

Dungeons and Dragons late into the

Evening. We travel

Far and wide, seducing

Gullible shopkeepers and  

Hitting foolish mages.

It’s a wonder we’re all alive. Our

Journey is hardly begun, yet we’ve already

Killed cruel cultist demons, just to make a

Living. After all, we needed to

Make money to buy all the

Numerous condoms and the

Occasional magic candle, and add-ons to a

Pan with both fire magic and

Quite lethal poison spikes. Not to mention the

Rug the idiot Dragon Boy

Simply had to have,

That ties the room together. An

Utterly useless item. Still, even with the overly

Violent Halfling, silly Dragon Boy, foolish Elves, and more

We make a wacky, but wonderful fellowship.

X marks no spot on our map.

Years will pass before our

Zany crew’s quest shall end.