By Jack Lavigne

1. observer


On (bird-name) street at (blue-door) house


I am out and


just wanna make contact, running wild toward a recognized female figure


(Oh-prah!) to establish a repertoire,


a desperate plea for recognition:


“help me help me find me see me”


running at (Mary!) arms ablaze in sunset light:


“please see me help me”


(Cleo-Pa- Trisha!)


2. agent


The way we move into her neighborhood trap


is blue and


like paint through oil,


tendrils pushing through city stuff,


Forcing material


(Brickus and Thickus that Isn’tus)


to the dark uncarved


edges of the map: oriented


Catholic I want


this compass


beak to work


to beat this cloying Cleo


on her territory.


3. object


Hills Crestus and Bestus,


Carving breasts just to Testus,


Combine to Molestus:


Visitors force feet forward—


How many of these people are in witness protection?


4. effect


A symbol of western insanity:


Not enough lifetime is spent on the porch.