I like to think of us with one space

By EJ Galvin

I like to think of us as one with space-
As bathed in beauty- 'cept, well, that's more you
Than me. I like to think I live it through,
Though I could not amount to all its grace.
You, on the other hand, I can't explain,
The freckles that adorn your form like stars,
The swirls of comets track my legs own scars,
I'm incomparable to you. I crane
My neck to bask in all of glory yours,
The light that guides and gives me hope in night;
I only pray to stay within this light
Of heav'n; my heav'n. To you I've set my course,
To look and see the moon so brightly shine,
To close my eyes and know that you are mine.