Here lies naivety

By Ashley May

Assumptions spawn from innocence

They are as fragile as glass

And as opaque as paint

They’re as vital as air

And as deadly as a knife


If one lives comfortably

One’s assumptions will flourish

Though when catastrophe strikes

And then your Mom marries him

Assumptions don’t stand a chance


Naivety passed at home

She was but a youngster

No-one stopped to notice

Her tragedy went unmourned

But preserved in absence


Her spirit lives on in rooms

Sometimes I could hear her voice

Echoed in memories

Too far away to touch

But too close to sequester


Each room sings a different tune

Each one equally dreary

Yet some more dangerous

Some supply background music

While others are deafening


Basement is ever-blasting

Pounding her bass of footsteps

Run up the stairs, as you may

But you still can’t get away

Fear is the catchiest song


Living-room weeps for sisters

She reverberates their cries

She, too, reaches for comfort

But cannot cling to Grandma

And thus remains her sorrow


Kitchen tries to be quiet

Her phone lines remained severed

So she cannot call for help

On nights where help does come

He tries to deepen her hush


Bedroom whimpers endlessly

She’ll scream softly to herself

Cursing all that has went wrong

Unless sleep overtakes her

Or bloodshed gives swift release


Bathroom sings a lullaby

A bed for the misbehaved

The porcelain of the tub

Mimicking low self value

Cold and unforgiving


Mom’s room warbles a warning

Reminder of mortality

She’s not sure what will take her

Either disease will prevail

Or her man will get her first


Sisters’ room hums of loneness

For she’s often forgotten

Mom’s room’s angst engulfed them

And so they reside in there

In the belly of the beast


When the whole house sings at once

The songs clash so heinously

You hit your head to shut it off

But even the wall guilts you

So you pack your things and leave


You assume that you can escape

But her ghost follows you out

Her nagging tune playing on

Even as she disappears

Now you know it’s in your head