What i expected

By Samantha Davey

I held on

Your wrinkled hands

Slim, delicate fingers

Gentle enough not to hurt you

Tight enough to feel

This is what I expected


The air you were breathing could not help

Slowly deteriorating

I watched as your home

Closed in on you

The windows to life shut

This is what I expected


Your voice penetrated through me

The movie plays and I ponder

On the times we swam in serenity

When you were able to smell the sea

And hold me

This is what I expected


There is only one place where I want to be

Sinking into the rocking chair

Far away from the poison

Taking in the clean air

As we live together freely

This is what I expected


Air was drained out

You were pulled in

And replenished

BREATHE in the fresh air

The venom was exterminated

This is not what I was expecting