Chemical attraction

By Savannah Lanz


We were in his room when we

at least in my mind we did



Phil’s parents don’t know. They can’t know

I passed chemistry with a stupid 66.

Chemistry: a branch physical

about us. I wish we could tell.



I would never see Phil.

the Gabe I knew was in my imagination.

Atom: the smallest object

He wouldn’t be allowed out of the house.

How did I fall for him? That’s because

An atom retains properties of an element



That’s not what I wanted.

Covalent bond: a bond in which

I go over to his house

In what scenario would I ever cheat?

one or more pairs of electrons are shared



Ionic bond: a bond in which

We have to act like we aren’t together.

The night before my chemistry regents

one or more electrons

I have to act like I don’t love Phil.

good idea, but Gabe didn’t push me away



Phil didn’t think it was

removed and attracted to another atom

I was over there by myself

together with his ex. My best

Ionic bond results

When his parents aren’t actually home



Even when he told me two

which attract each other

We have to make our dates short.

I didn’t stop flirting with Gabe

Compound: two or more elements combined



I kept hoping. I kept daydreaming. But I

reduced, broken down, and separated

his parents will call or do something more extreme

Yet that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. So

Chemical Attraction: the force attracting



His dad almost caught us once.

leaving for college and me going in

to form a molecule

Phil’s parents aren’t always home.

I shouldn’t start a relationship, not with Gabe

Chemistry: a branch of physical science



We were in his room when we

at least in my mind we did



So shocked? We have chemistry together

Atom: the smallest object that retains properties

I have never gotten dressed faster

he was surprised. How could he be

an element. Composed

in my life. Phil couldn’t sneak me out

the day I let my feelings out.



Covalent bond: a bond in which one

Luckily, I can lie my ass off

I thought Gabe felt it too. Yet I made

more pairs of electrons



Phil and I fought over this

mini golfing, picnics, ice cream dates, car rides

Ionic bonds result in positive and negative

about never being able to see

what would happen if we moved past “just friends”



“I couldn’t do that” I said.

I fell for Gabe

Degradable: that which can be reduced and

he almost let me go

this “perfect relationship” that Gabe and I

broken down or separated



Chemical attraction: the force attracting two atoms

the thought of losing Phil shattered me

My mind stopped paying attention

to each other and bonding

I’d rather stay than lose

and he walked me into chemistry

Chemistry: a branch

we were supposed to say goodbye



I feel like I need

The eighth element on the table



I couldn’t help but feel furious

I took honors chemistry

Chemistry. Atom. Covalent bond.

It’s not a fairy tale. It probably

was hard to pay attention

Ionic bond. Negative. Positive.

he will never be. But Phil is



I was always daydreaming

Compound. Degradable. Chemical attraction.

the guy that is worth the struggle

My head was in the clouds.

the force attracting two atoms to each other