three am

By Kayleigh Shultis

I remember how it felt to long for your touch. Now I don’t think of you that much. Remember

when you showed me your record collection, The Beatles, Pink Floyd? How we used to fill each

other’s voids?

Your paintings and drawings hung on the walls, each one I had to touch. You portrayed dancing

bears and yellow submarines and such. Three A.M. shenanigans, hippie tarps and vintage pins.

Spiral posters on the ceiling, for long you live and high you fly. I had to learn the hard way just

to let you pass by.

But you chose to leave, and that’s no fault of mine. I could have made you great, I could have

made you shine. Now your name fires from my tongue like a dart, it ricochets and pierces me

right in the heart. It doesn’t even hurt…that much…

..It was three A.M. and I longed for your touch, but I kept to my side of the bed, because the heat

was too much. I stared at the dresser, I remember her name crossed out in black marker, and I

swear from that moment on, everything got darker…

I remember the party, and it hurt so much, to see you with her, holding hands and such. I grabbed

my new man by his tie, and looked him in the eye, and although I wanted to die, I lived in the lie.

I bet you don’t even think of me that much, maybe only when you have no one else to touch. Into

the sky of blue, into the sea of green, like the yellow submarine, we will soon sink. But you’re

still in my brain every time that I think. It does…n’t even hurt, that much.


For long you live and high you fly- lyrics from the song “Breathe” by Pink Floyd

I had to learn the hard way just to let him pass by- lyrics from the song “Scarlet Begonias” by

The Grateful Dead

Sky of blue, sea of green- lyrics from the song “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles