oh ghetto

By Eredia Aghamiogie

How could I forgot you

Rose from your oppression, with this weight of my depression

Hoping my ascension from your ruthless ass aggression would soon come into session 

Wishin I had an atlas so I could find my purpose 

Slow as tortoise, escaping from your clitoris was oh so very gorgeous 

I walked through the valley of death, where the smell of meth stiffened people up like Riga mortis 

Should’ve known it

You lied inside my mind, while lying got me in a bind

Making every step I take go towards the day I die

Why try? To attempt to pry open the eyes of the blind

Or maybe it's a choice? Not having a voice so they rejoice over ignorant lies

Oh ghetto

You've made me my own worst enemy, so please lend me the tools to dispose of me

So the youth won't get influenced mentally by my venom that praises blasphemy, feeds on jealously & 

whose mission is to destroy the ebony