the caged mockingbird

By Eredia Aghamiogie

The idea of freedom is just an illusion

As they come to the conclusion that were all just less than human 

As we protrude from these cracks that we call home

But to others it’s a dome called the ghetto where true people test their mettle

While we brand our people with a hot piece of metal

Leaving domes leaking like a teapot kettle

Are we all just a flock of caged birds?

If so how come we don't try to sing?

As we watch woman bring kids into this world without a ring or king

Watching our lives hang on a string

Our clouds getting darker like Beijing

Or maybe were just some mockingbirds

Trying to uplift our people who've become mindless herds

Smoking herbs & using poor choice of words

If so how come it isn't a sin to kill us?

We need proper justice so we're hiring Atticus

They say our freedom is getting robbed from us

But how do you take something that we never had

They slaughtering us like what ISIS does in Baghdad