By Sydni Alvarez-Ganaway


The sun rises in the east

Illuminating the broken down skyline

Crack heads stumble back into the shadows

As the rays scald their backs

Oh river east, glimmer and brighten the sullen streets

Where the garbage monsters rumble

Eating up the pavement

Leaving behind a shiny coat of black


Leading to broken down brownstones

Once glorious

Now yearning for a hallelujah

Creaky limbs hanging off of them

But filled with people put together like a puzzle

Piece by piece

The sun sets in the west

Oh Hudson River, stretch far

As the eye can see

Young men lurk and linger on sidewalks

Marco Antonio echoes from a boom box

Small dogs bark in competition with the power of his voice

Scurrying around my feet like roaches

Stoops with old coots eyeballing me

I walk past on the grey averting my eyes

I am a squire and they are nobility

The royals of this hood

Dull edifices loom over dull pavements

Contrasted by colorful shirts

On the backs of children

Running through sprinklers

Water gushing down under cars

Trees, chairs, feet

Rushing like the two rivers on either side

Flowing till the moon rises above