We Need to Talk

By Sydni Alvarez-Ganaway 

Through my tear-blinded vision

This time it won’t return

I perch on the windowsill

As a familiar car drives away

“Your father’s moving out now”

No more security

Though they promised it was the safest place

A gilded cage revealing its fraudulence

Even the birds outside the window

Have stopped singing

Everything has changed


A lie


“Nothing has changed…”

The foundations begin to crumble

“We still both love you very much…”

Crashing, banging, sliding, cracking

Unanswered questions

Tumbling around in my head,

But words fail me

“We’d be better off without each other…”

Words rolling slowly off his tongue

Hesitation in every syllable

Black tires disappear around the empty corner


It’s never a good way to start a conversation

“We need to talk.”