The death said

By Naomi McPeters

The death said: I will win

No one will hear the screams come again

Silenced forever a cold dark paw

Clamped over my mouth

Shut the door--no one's listening

There's no one here but me

Here the tears flow free

Death said: they will drown you

Water rushing, foaming

Covering my screaming mouth

No sound

Shut your mouth--no one's listening

The death said: this face isn't yours anymore

This faith has no life anymore

Church bells ringing

Choirs singing

The death said: break those harp strings

Of melody

No one's listening

The notes that played as they lowered her into the grave

Were there for the realm between dirt and Heaven

No good

Except to the living

I didn't make the rain

But it poured out anyway

The death said: God is here

He is defeated

See His hands tied my chains strangling Him

Look at Him

Shut your heart

He isn't listening

No one wants to hear your grief cry

Like rocks pelting against tin

Like a hare's screech as the hawk swallows him

No one wants to hear the rattling of your bones as they shake

In sorrow

No one wants to hear

They will only hate you for making them listen.

The death said: there is no one else here.

I am listening.