the dangerous alley 

alex kellman

I left the bar somewhere around midnight on a saturday. The air was chilly, and there was a light breeze blowing through the streets. I had around three or four beers, not enough to make me too hammered, yet too much for me to be able to drive home. I followed main street for about a half a mile or so, the streetlights guiding my way. I decided to swing a quick right turn down a darkened alley, as it was a shortcut back to my home. The alley was littered with many articles of trash, smelled as such, with a couple plumes of smoke making the alley seem treacherous. Once I was about halfway down the alley, I heard a quiet sound of tapping footsteps slowly approaching me. I figured it was simply just another passerby, but in the back of my mind I was thinking about all the other possible options. The person continued to approach me, faster now. Once the person was five or six feet away from me, they let out a few nervous breaths. It was then when I realized the person was male, though the absence of light in the alley made it way too dark for me to make out his face. The man slowly put his hand into his jacket pocket, and when his hand returned a gun was in it. “Hand over your wallet” the man said all at once. My entire body was shaking, and I couldn’t even think straight at this point. “Look man”, I exclaimed in a shaky voice, “all I got on me is a couple dollars and my driver’s license”. The man stared blankly into my eyes, as though he didn’t care one bit about what I had to say. “Give me your wallet now, or you’re going to on the pavement dead in a pool of your own blood in another two seconds”, the man said, louder and more sternly now. I came to the conclusion that I was going to have to obey, for if this man wanted to have my wallet that badly; well he could just have it. I reached into the pocket of my jeans, and pulled out my brown leather wallet. The man with gun raised his eyebrows as he saw my wallet, and I was unsure as to whether he was surprised or scared or both. The man pointed his finger to the litter covered pavement, and motioned for me to drop my wallet on the ground. I let my wallet go, giving it a silent goodbye, and knowing I would never see it again. Just when I thought the man was going to bend down to pick up my wallet, he took the safety off of his gun and pointed to my poor helpless wallet. I covered my ears, but still heard the shots fired. “Crack crack crack!” the gun sounded as it emptied its bullets into my wallet, tearing it to shreds. Just when I was going to yell out to my mugger, and ask him what the hell was going on, I heard my wallet let out a loud, high pitched screech. It was almost as if my wallet had come alive. The man who I thought was trying to rob me, let out a sigh as he emptied the last of his bullets into what I knew to be my wallet. The screeching my wallet had been emitting was no more. The man loosened his grip on the gun, and let it floor to the ground next to my shredded wallet. He walked a few steps closer to me, now only within one or two feet of my face. I was so confused as to what I had just witnessed in this dark dangerous alley. The man locked eyes with me once again, as it was still too dark to make out his entire face, the only thing I could fully see was his white devious pupils. “Everything is going to be ok now”, the man calmly said to me. “You’re safe now”.

Alex Kellman is a freshman here at ualbany. He is from the Hudson valley, and will be in majoring in atmospheric science. Alex took creative writing this semester and it really gave him a chance to expand his mind. He enjoys writing fiction stories, because it can open people up to new ideas and new opinions.