The Gift of Nature

Aamer Khan

  She is a vein of Mother Earth, stretching to the horizon

   Connecting the world, her abundant source of life plentifully rising

         Flowing with the current, a seemingly endless stream

               She winds and curves, moving cleanly downstream

                   The current is continuous - uninterrupted, unbroken, undisturbed, untroubled.

                           But on her course, rocks and rubble refuse to move from their place

                          Her flow dances around them, becoming a distorted mist in her body and face

                       And she comes back together again, continuing onward with gentle pace.

                    She runs along the side of large hills, high in their elevation

                 And swims through the middle of stronger and taller hills, extremely high in relation     

              She is clear and reflective, a mirror to the sky

         Turning her a deep, beautiful blue, reflecting the sunshine over high

           The blades of grass and the branches of trees greet her as she slips past

                The beautiful flowers, pretty plants and small weeds wave at her as she runs by fast.

                       The sky is now orange, and she reflects it to the very same hue

                              The sun is setting, the sky no longer the beautiful shades of blue


                        She passes more friends, less green and more brown and grey

           Giant rocks and even larger structures, shyly waving her away

    Now the sky is dark, and the sun fades from view

         Although she too has turned dark, she is only a darker blue

                And now the moon speaks to her, shining bright

                       And she speaks to the moon, reflecting her beautiful light

                           And even when the moon returns home, and the sun comes back

              The vein of Mother Nature remains, always on track.        

AAMER KHAN: I am Aamer Khan, a Junior Informatics major in SUNY Albany.  I am a transfer student from both SUNY Plattsburgh & Hudson Valley Community College. Although born in Albany, I moved very soon after to Riyadh, Saudi Arabia for most of my life, and then lived in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and now back in New York for University. // I love to create. I love to write stories. I love to write poetry. I love to draw characters, I love to bring them to life. I love to make music, I love to think, and I love to dream. // My dream job is to be an author and have a multimedia studio or company that creates animated media and video games. My goal, no matter the form of media, is to inspire an audience and introduce them to a world where they feel involved. I want them to remember these works in their hearts. Most importantly, I want to impact their lives with a strong positive message. Live in the moment, live to love, and love life. // Believe