the little things  

priscilla soo

Live for the sunrises and sunsets

When the sky swirls like cotton candy clouds

or the moments it glows like a pool of honey


Live for when the cool, calm breeze blows your hair

as you walk home listening to your favorite song


Live for the moment you sink into your bed after a long day

and for the next morning when a stranger smiles your way

as you sip your morning cup of coffee


Live for the little things that make the world seem warmer, and welcoming

When we live for the smaller, littler things in life

We’ll realize then, what it means to be alive.

Priscilla Soo is currently a sophomore at the University at Albany from Brooklyn, New York. She transferred here from SUNY Brockport her second semester of freshman year. She is majoring in Business Administration with combined concentrations in Marketing/Management along with a minor in Education. Priscilla was introduced to Arch through her Creative Writing professor, which was one of her favorite classes. She loves to read and write poetry because it has no rules and frees the mind and soul.