the philippines

Sophia Trinidad Buenviaje

333 years colonized by the Spaniards, 48 years colonized by the Americans

To other people these are just numbers

but these are the numbers that every Filipino remembers

Fought over for years and just sold and passed on like a piece of meat

Like we are not people who breathe who yearn and beg for peace that is so sweet

72 years of being free from the chains

But are we really free that is the question that still remains


Philippines a country that is so proud

Born with compassion that is so loud

Dripping with the mix of influences brought by this colonization

That we as people forget the uniqueness of our great nation

Even leaders who were supposed to bring us to salvation

Not only gave the people bigger devastation but even greater frustration

Because even as they advocate as for being pro nation

They do not do anything that would be for the nation


Imelda Marcos who was the first lady to the late Ferdinand Marcos

Who bought more fucking shoes than she used to stand up for a cause

Ferdinand Marcos who was a dictator and did everything to avoid reappoint

Duterte and Marcos who even knows the fucking difference at this point

Both leaders who gave power to rape and kill for fun

Both leaders who didn’t give a fuck what they had done

Because every time we say stop they keep on saying go

Stop, go, stop, go, stop, go

Like we are not people who are allowed to say no

Are we really free? that is a question that still remains


Twinkle, Twinkle little star how I wonder where you are

Up above the world so high, Like a diamond in the sky

Twinkle, Twinkle little star

A time when everything was so fucking simple

When we weren’t thinking about political concern

But we were concerned about our parents being stern

When we were thinking more of how to climb a tree stump

Than how to climb a wall, Why? Hello Mr. Trump!

When our biggest fear was being talked to about the birds and bees

And not the color of our skin or the race that we are in like it’s some kind of disease

Because even as you move from one country to the next

It’s just one asshole president to the next like it was from the written text


When we see all around us enormous amount of oppression

It becomes the new form of our country’s great depression

Because when the people lose their freedom of expression

It becomes the leader’s power to bring even greater repression

And if the people result to violence and aggression

We lose our country’s footing to a greater progression


The Philippines is a country that has experienced so much pain

It’s mystery how its people continue to be so sane

But you see Filipinos are not ones who seem to complain

They are the ones that fight even with a heavy and grueling restrain

Because it’s not as simple as a sprain, a stain or even riding a train

Its strenuous to figure out what is there to gain and attain from this amount of rain

Though that doesn’t even matter as long as we struggle for what is right

And we the people find a way to come together then we will surely get through the night

Because it’s not about flight or the strength of might, It’s about the power of sight

If we the people find a way to come together then we will definitely see the light

Are we really free? That is the question that still remains


Kailangan ibuhos ng bawat Pilipino and pagmamahal sa bayan

Na ito lamang ang inahangad ng ating Perlas ng Silanganan

Kahit sa pagalam nalang ng ating linguahe

Nawawala na ang ating pagiging kampante

Ang halo ng dilaw, asul, puti at pula sa ating dugo

Ay hindi mawawala kahit saan man manibago

(Each Filipino needed to pour their love for the country

And this is the only thing Mother of Pearl is asking for

Even with just knowing our own native language

We are losing our way of being complacent

The mix of yellow, blue, white and red in our blood

Will never be lost no matter where we are)


Mabuhay ang Pilipinas (Long live the Philippines)

Mabuhay ang PIlipinas (Long Live the Philippines)

Mabuhay ang Pilipinas (Long Live the Philippines)

Sophia Trinidad Buenviaje is a freshman at the University at Albany. She majors in Studio Arts and minors in Film Studies but has a knack for writing poetry. She loves to explore and immerse herself in new forms of arts which is why is not only an artist, film buff and writer but is also a dancer in Liga Modern and a singer in Liga Chorus of Liga Filipina in University at Albany. She is a proud immigrant from the Philippines and hopes to one day work in film, theater or Broadway and bring Philippine arts into the American mainstream