Art In My Eyes

By Sophia Trinidad Buenviaje

I look at your face to memorize it like an art piece

Every line

Every curve

Every so-called imperfection that to me makes it perfect

I look at your face every chance I get because my mind wonders like it’s a

masterpiece waiting to be made

There’s a gallery in my mind of every expression you’ve made

How your lips curl when you smile

How your eyes look when you look mine

How you have lines in the corner of your mouth when you smirk at me every time

I look at your face while my finger traces it out so that I know where every part is

Like when I hold a paintbrush against my canvas

Making every line permanent and perfect like you are in my eyes

Every time you press your lips on mine

Every time you firmly squeeze my hand

Every time you pull me closer to your heart

Every little moment that show me that you love me more and more

I close my eyes and remember each moment

Like a guide of what color and what stroke I need to do

But mostly I close my eyes to remember the feeling

Remember the feelings of every little thing you do

I want to know every part of you like an artist knowing every part of their work

Analyzing every freckle and hair like an artist’s every stroke

Every time I look I discover something new about you

I just want to know more, even the things that other people may not believe is


I notice every little thing

The way you crunch your forehead when you concentrate

The way shifts your arm when you want to say something but hesitate

How you’re mostly warm but your hands get cold as ice

But I don’t mind because I want to be the one to warm you up

I want to be the one you need each and every time

It’s these mental images I never want to forget

No matter what happens between you and me

It’s an inspiration for art of what was, what is and what will be

That even if we fall apart there will be a piece of you in what I see

Art pieces are hung and displayed to be admired and seen forever

But I want us to just us, special for us

The moments of love that is our art pieces that we remember and admire forever