The Fool

By Cole Mileaf

Try to think of what makes you laugh.
Is it people being hurt or people who work hard?
When you think, consider naughty words and sin.
What is cheap and what is classy?
Classy comedian is an oxymoron. 
Just ask the experts.

Who are the experts?
Socrates never made me laugh.
Philosophical whimsy is an oxymoron.
Developing whimsy is quite hard. 
With a two drink minimum, events should be classy.
So much of the field is surrounded by sin.

A comic cannot thrive until bathed in sin.
Just ask the experts. 
A comedian is seldom classy. 
Disheveled people make us laugh.
Living life like a dirty worm can be hard. 
Clean dirt is an oxymoron.

Happy clown is an oxymoron.
In a cocaine fueled decade of sin
everybody works hard.
Who are the experts?
When everybody works hard, people laugh.
Is cocaine cheap or classy?

There is a distinction between expensive and classy. 
Funny CEO is an oxymoron.
When the bar has no vermouth, it makes us laugh.
Ordering a martini in a comedy club should be a sin. 
Just ask the experts.
Some of the best comics live hard. 

Surviving running through the streets aflame is hard. 
Being entertained by the story is not classy.
Who are the experts?
Ignorant expert is an oxymoron.
Elegant individuals have to hide their sin.
Sin makes us laugh.

Classy comedy is not an oxymoron,
though comedy is synonymous with sin.
Think about what makes you laugh.