By Wendy Bermejo

He was short and stout, but he was charming and always one to help. Especially with his

mother when she had trouble sleeping at night. There would be smoother nights where his

mother would kiss him goodnight and make her way to bed, then there would be nights Theodore

would hear her crying and immediately have to hold her. Theodore had sworn to always look out

for his mother, even when he was scared. And what scared him most was the very thing that kept

his mother up at night. Hearing the shrieks and scatters from that awful creature of the night sent

chills all over his body. Even though it terrified him he knew what had to be done.

He would travel into the forest at night and finally eliminate the monster and his

mother’s problems. If he could get rid of the foul beast he’d be a hero. He didn’t think twice

about it. Theodore pack an overnight bag with only the essentials; flashlight, needle, thread, and

whatever he could fit in his tiny backpack for this tiny grand adventure.

He waited till his mother was asleep and snuck out of the house with ease. Once he got

outside he found a spot out in the open and looked up at the stars. He was going to lure the beast

to him. Theodore had the advantage of a surprise attack so for now he laid down on the ground

and waited. This could be it he thought this might be my last tiny adventure. Looking back on the

memories he made with his mother and how happy they made each other was enough to remind

him why he was out there. For her, his mother. The woman with the best cuddles and the

brightest smile.

Just then Theodore heard the sounds of the beast and laid still. Once the monster was

close enough Theodore pounced without a second thought. No going back now. Theodore

launched himself onto the creatures back and how the beast cried and tried to escape, flapping its

mighty wings but brave young Theodore held his grasp. Which was hard since he had no

opposable thumbs! Yet the beast had not be slain yet, so Theodore went into his tiny backpack

and instead of using the needle and thread to heal himself, he stabbed the feathery beast right in

the heart. Blood stained Theodore’s snow white complexion but he didn’t care. He had done it.

The beast was no more, and just in time as the sun rose promising a new day. Just as Theodore

was going to make his way into his home, he felt the ground rumble. He laid on his back once

again as his mother came running out.

“Theodore? How did you end up out here? I was scared I lost you somewhere?’

His mother picked him up confusion on her face.

“Ew you’re so dirty? What even is this, ketchup? I’ll have to put you in the wash before

you stain.”

The little girl said with a confused look on her face, as she looked back and forth between

her teddy bear and the dead owl body not 12 inches away.