Tired Language

by Mariah Kelly

Do not tell me I am beautiful.
You have not traced the rough edges with your fingers,
you have not tasted the blood
that comes from biting my tongue.

Do not tell me that you love me,
for you have not experienced the prison of my mind.
You have not wrapped your hands around the cold bars,
you have not touched the bruises on my heart-
you have only attempted
to bring the color back to my skin
by running your hands over my lifeless flesh.

Do not tell me I am the light of your life.
I am not a ray of sunshine.
I am lightning.

I am darkness.
I am the clap of thunder that startles you
out of a peaceful sleep.

Do not tell me that I am beautiful.
Do not tell me that you love me.
Some people love storms,
but they do not want to feel the rain forever.

MARIAH KELLY: My name is Mariah Kelly and I’m a sophomore transfer student. I’m a double major in English and journalism and I hope to be a traveling journalist. That way, I can see the world while becoming more knowledgeable about both the good and bad things that occur outside of my town. Expressing myself through writing is something that I am very passionate about and I hope that poetry never dies out.