To: Him

Mayka Johnson

All of it started when I came home

Back when it was least expected

Causing everyone to grow suspicious

Drowning ourselves with the secret we lived with.

Eyes watching as we laid together

Forgetting our surroundings when we’re alone

Getting me constantly in the

Happiest mood and its not even

Intentional. This is my favorite type of connection

Just knowing I have such a

Kind hearted human all to myself

Leaving me just thinking

Man oh man how did I get so lucky

Not even knowing that we

Only build each other up, to

Prosper, leaving me to

Question if this is even

Real, but then again we are

Slowly becoming the same person. Now

That scares and excites me at the same time.

Understanding that, that can take us far

Visualizing the possibilities and happiness we bring each other

Wondering if I am meant to be with you.

You’re what I come back to no matter what happens. Having

Zero obstacles that could keep me away.