to my grandma

maddy Kravitz

Red hair turned to grey hair.

Smiles turned to frowns.

Conversations turned to questions.

Laughter turned to confusion.


You were still with us, But you

weren’t present. You didn’t

know the who, what, Where,

why and how.


You took an innocent soul captive, A smile

we no longer recognized.  The grandma

we’ve come to know and love, Was there

but really wasn’t. 


Reminding ourselves of the good times, Reminding

ourselves of who you used to be.

Your old laugh was now gone,

Your stories that I never got to hear disappeared.


Although you were gone,

You were still right there. Oh, how I wish I

could turn back the clock, And just tell you

how much I care.

Maddy Kravitz is currently a freshman at the University at Albany. She is majoring in Communications and minoring in Business. However, she has always had an interest in writing and enjoys taking classes that involve creative writing.