Sadena Ahmad

Monumenting above the others… I felt enchanted as I aligned with the stars themselves.

My branches twisted in the air, reflecting the rays of yellow.

Swaying with might, I mixed the blue above me with my arms.

The blue turned to night and silence drifted around me. 

It was time for Earth to tranquilize.

It was time for silence.


It shackled me.

As loud as I wanted to be, 

I could only sway.

 I am Weeded into my creator 

Roots digging deep into the darkness while

Streams drifted the desolation  into an Abyss of silence.



I broke the silence and cried,

Dear God,

I have been promised serenity, 

I've been promised wings.

Yet,I've precipitated myself to BEG, 

Withering away in the shadows of yellow,

Where are the birds? Where are my saviors?


Ripples in the Atlas of blue,  the universe stormed on me-

Thundering its tears, 

I was punished with the silence that came after.



Dear God, set me free

Dear God, set me free

Dear God…...

An obsession I turned to, 

Looking towards the sky for answers,

Ridges now for ribs and pollution for roots,

It was an ending that begot me from the very beginning.

I know nothing of repentance no more as the years aged in glory.

Far-reaching I once was, with beauty and reign.

But forgotten I am . Bending from the weight of the silence.


Dear God,

The stars shined alone last night

Far beyond my reach.


Dear God, Set me free


Dear God, Set me free