until her end

danya Mekkielamin

Her skin smooth like a still sea

It creases and ripples like waves

I watch as she breaks her toes and bends to the sky 

Soaring through the air, a sunbird in white 

The crickets night call and the wind howling offering her only applause

Branches yearning to touch

The only life they’ve seen it in a millennia 

They send their love through their bruised reddened letters

As substitutes for her once sought after rose petals 

Yet the russet memories fall as well

Withered ribbons aching to be wrapped around her gazelle legs 

But her vanity offers the only comfort needed

Creatures of the night and I are entranced by her movement 

Her light touches and reality slips from my mind

Merely her and the ghost of an audience 

Once thousands of people were glued to her every action

Pitiful isn’t it,

A girl once adorned with rouge to her cheeks and diamonds to her fingers

Now dressed in grime and dirt

Yet she continues to manipulate her body

Longing to feel that similar ache in her bones once again

Saturating her skin and into her veins

Greedily devouring the pain till it chokes her

Until her last twist,

Until her last jump,

Until her last breath,

Danya Mekkielamin is a freshman majoring in Political Science with a minor in Creative Writing. Writing has always been one of her consistent creative outlets. She also hopes to have more of her work published in the future because to her creative writing is not just a hobby but an essential aspect of her life.