untitled poem

By King Trinity

Life ever hit you do hard u wish u could hit it back

Hit it so hard it would start a fight, one which u will lose

Because life is life, life is what you make it they say

But do we really make it. Of course we make decisions but life gives u the choices 

Life is how you live it, how u make lemonade from the lemons

How u go from frying pan to fire and avoid getting burned

No matter how complicated it gets life is still beautiful

The beauty of it still goes on through it's complications

Why run away from it when you don't know what's behind the white light

We all have choices, whether wrong or right

Life may push you so hard that u get so tight

So tight the only thing you wanna do is leave life

Then what next... The afterlife.. I bet it's harder than this is

There is a solution to every problem,  a purpose to every life, a reason to see tomorrow, a hope to live life. 

Life is as beautiful as my girlfriend.....  As complicated as I am but still as delightful as we both are when together. 

Live life  stay alive and just do it.  Thank you