untitled Poem

By Victoria Edwards

We crafted a bond so uncommon
That I am starting to forget who you are
The similarities in our wants and desires
Resonate like cymbals being pounded by the
Lust that drove me to walk the
Three miles to your house that night
Take off all my clothes as soon
As I walked in the door
Hoping to de-robe a deeper meaning to
Our uncommon connection
There between your fingers did I place mine
Hoping hand in hand we would built an empire
A castle of some enchantment
That took me away from the walk back home
And the stripping away of my clothes
Only to wash away the memories of that night
In the coldest setting of a bath water
That only froze my flesh
As my warm heart ate through my chest
Pounding like fire
Releasing smoke to water my eyes
And not being able to tell the tears from the shower
And just like the bond seems dangerous
Almost too fragile
Too dense
Too uncommon
For soap, no matter how hard I scrubbed that night
For hands, no matter how much of your DNA was left on them and
For us, no matter how far I walked to and from home.