Version Intro

by Jacob Beilinson

A lonely soul,

Is never alone.

The hymns of the land,

The laps of the sea,

The whirls of the wind,

Accompany the soloist,

Regardless of the journey ahead.

Solitude is the place,

Of silence chasers,

Who’s keen ears,

Pick up more,

Than what is said.


An invention,

Of the inner imagination.

By those,

Who can hear,

The songs of the world,

Who can float,

In the calm tornadoes,

Of mass extroversion.

JACOB BEILINSON: I am currently a Freshman at the University of Albany. I'm from Connecticut for the most part, a little bit of Long Island, now an Albany resident. Living apart from that world, exploring this new diverse environment has very much shaped me as a person and as a poet. Poetry is a part of my exploration process and I explore my processes through poetry.