Adolfo Lopez

Who is the man, whose voice I hear

A voice of pain and flippant fear

A voice whose change is sudden, queer

What man once was is nowhere near

A man exalted, once proud and strong

A man that's fallen, from right to wrong

A man whose place does not belong

A man alone, fights through the throng

Screams! Screams! Screams!

They fill the night.

Screams! Screams! Screams!

None aloud, but shrill in mind.

For what mind screams, the heart must yearn

Panic! Panic! Panic!

Remorse for sins inside man burns

A voice in two, one past, one new

The voice that wins, will surely bloom

A voice of man who must renew

Reputation lost and marred from doom

Who is the man whose voice I hear?

Who is the man whose choice is near?

To choose the greater, stand up in might

Or fall from grace, and out of sight

Who is the man? Who is the man?

Whose voice I hear? Whose voice I hear?

When will he stand? When will he stand?

The time is near. The time is near.

The voice is mine. The man is me.

This is my plight. Hear my grief.

The choice in time will come with ease

What man will rise is up to me