When I Bring Clouds Over the Earth

by Josh Smyth

‘In the image of god are human beings?’

Over the sea, all over.
Bedraggled iridescence,
like one million
coloured pixels
never forming an image
no matter how far you step back.

‘Can we spread a table in the wilderness?’

Not a ripple.
Aggregate has formed
a concrete solidity.
Fish turned to shingle.

‘At the blast of the trumpet will the city’s wall collapse?’

A violent prod
has left a tear.
Surface ripped.

‘When I bring clouds over the earth, the rainbow will appear in the clouds’

When we bring oil over the sea, rainbows appear in the waves

JOSH SMYTH is an international student from the UK majoring in English Literature. Josh also enjoys photography and music, and his favourite poet is Frank O'Hara.