* Winner of the UHS Creative Writing Contest

arch editorial team

Managing Editor – Savannah Rose Lanz: Into every generation there is a chosen one. She alone will stand against the vampires, the demons, and the forces of darkness. Junior English and Theatre major, Savannah, believes she is that slayer. While Savannah is not busy making Buffy the Vampire Slayer references, she can be found in the UAlbany Writing Center, probably analyzing the zodiac signs of her peers. Savannah is a poet and playwright from (fair) Verona, NY, where we lay our scene. Savannah’s poetry has been featured in 2017’s Best Emerging Poets of New York and the 2018 edition of America’s Best Emerging Poets: New York and New Jersey. A staged reading of her play Push Me was put on through FRESH ACTS: Festival of New Plays last spring. For the record, she’s a Gemini sun, Scorpio moon, Scorpio rising.

Outreach – Seemanta Ghosh: Sam is a junior English major at the University at Albany, is an aspiring elementary school educator whose hobbies include dancing, writing poetry, and listening to Bollywood music.

Poetry Editor – Chris Braithwaite: Chris is currently a UAlbany alum  hailing from Queens, New York. In her time as a student, she was an English major with a minor in Psychology and Africana Studies. In her free time, she enjoys reading and writing poetry and short stories. Chris graduated this past December.

Music Editor – Dave Allen:  Despite his unrivaled sense of humor, valorous mission of novelty, and impeccable writing skills, Dave has absolutely no creative resumé to list in this bio. He is grateful for the opportunity to express his musical expertise and knows you will enjoy his final choices. You may know Dave from his Netflix special, "Putting the 'Man' in Humanities", a three-hour, one-man improv show filmed in complete darkness. When he isn't galavanting the Scottish highlands, Dave studies English and Music, with focuses on folk tales and music. Go hug a tree, amirite? Dave hopes you enjoy this issue, and encourages you to follow him on SoundCloud.

Fiction Editor – Malcolm Flanigan: Malcolm is a senior undergraduate at UAlbany. She is currently the fiction editor for Arch. She has been published in magazines like Gandy Dancer, Doubly Mad, and Argus. She hails from Rome, NY, where she lived next to the Erie Canal. Recently, she has begun transposing the current of Clinton's Ditch.

Fiction Editor – Jesse Seidel: The stellar being most wondrous known as Jesse Seidel is a Junior at Ualbany. His works have been featured both in Arch, as well as gracing the echelons of New York's Best Emerging Poets, in their 2017 edition. Furthermore, the stars have decreed him to carve out a path through the field of scholarly English and Creative Writing of such caliber that it would not be a surprise if it were woven from raw firmament. 

Fiction Editor – Ryan Szpicek: Hiya! I'm Ryan, a sophomore with an English minor and I thoroughly enjoyed all the pieces I read in this edition of ARCH. I see writing as an art that shouldn't just be seen academically as its super helpful in a creative outlet, especially with everything going on in the world today. All these pieces show the strength of Albany's undergraduates, so please never stop writing!

Non-Fiction/Poetry Editor – Erin He: Erin is a senior. She likes a good tea or coffee shop but never finishes the drinks she orders.

Drama Editor- Ava O’Dea: Guess who’s here for the first time ever! That’s right, it’s Ava! Everyone’s favorite English major, Theatre minor that they’ve only really heard of once or twice, maybe? She’s LOVING the latest season of Big Mouth, and when she’s not forgetting to eat the brussel sprouts in her fridge before they go bad, trying to convince people she’s Bansky, or talking about her hometown of Buffalo, New York, Ava does some writing here or there, usually of the dramatic or short-story variety. Her play $15,000 was featured in FRESH ACTS Festival of New Play Readings last year, and she’s currently working on a new play she knows she will grow to hate six months from now. She knows her contribution to this group was invaluable, especially with how little she knows about poetry, so she would like to give a big “you’re welcome” to her fellow editors. If you want to hear more from her, please follow her on Twitter @avaodea, where she talks about Tinder, mostly. This editor was brought to you by squarespace.

Art Editor – Na’eem Rom-Mack

Reader – Noelia Espinal: Noelia Espinal is a sophomore majoring in Business Administration with minors in English and Creative Writing. Her favorite series is Throne of Glass by Sarah J. Maas, and she likes to write poems and stories. Her goal is to one day, open her own business.


Thank you to Dr. Jil Hanifan for your continuous support and for allowing us to use the Writing Center for our home base.

Many, many thanks to the University at Albany's English Department and to all the professors who have allowed us into their classrooms.