You, Me, & The Sea

By Sarah Tavernese

Waves crashing onto the shore,
There’s nothing I adore more,
Than the sun’s everlasting glow
As the salty cool air blows,
Onto my tanned skin.
That’s when I realize within,
This is where I belong;
I’ve never felt a love so strong,
Than that between the beach and me
Because I don’t love anything as much as the sea.
Each step taken with sand between my toes,
As the skin peels off my sun burnt nose.
I stare at how she is beautifully blue and wild
Like an untamed child,
On the first day of school
Ready to break all the rules.
She is where the fish swim and the crabs crawl,
Ironically home to none but home to all.
It is where my anxiety unwinds
and all my worries leave my mind.
One two three four,
Too many shells hug the shore.
Some ridged and round
And some brighter than a wedding gown.
There is so much smoothed green sea glass,
That I wonder how many drunken nights amassed,
To collect her broken treasures
Which always bring me great pleasure.
The sound of each beautiful roar
Always makes me beg for more.
When the sun finally goes down
And all the fish seem to drown,
She keeps on majestically crashing
And all that incessant splashing,
Makes me wonder how she never stops.
With all her curves and all her drops
Of care and love and nurture in one
Never ceases to leave me stunned.
I whisper to her father, the moon,
To look after her, as I’ll be back soon.
Control her highs and guide her lows
With your glistening grey glow.
The silver shine reflected on her blue curves
Can make anyone shiver down to their nerves.
The sky darkens and it is time to go
And it is always then, that I know,
With all the waves crashing up and down
Leaving nothing but salty white foam
That the ocean is in fact my home.

SARAH TAVERNESE: My name is Sarah Kate Tavernese and I moved to Albany from New York City in 2016. I am majoring in English and Sociology and graduating in May 2018. My favorite hobbies include painting, cooking and trying new foods. I enjoy traveling abroad and teaching English to native Spanish and Italian speakers.